The Right Perspective In Problem Solving

Problems, both big and small, are commonplace in any organization. No matter how good the management is, a company will always encounter problems. Usually, organizations have unique ways of handling problems and managing risks. An effective team player possesses good problem solving skills regardless of his or her position in a company.

Are you a good problem solver? Do you know how to think critically? Are you capable of using methods that provide the best possible solution to a problem? Being a good problem solver is not about how fast you come up with solutions. It’s more about knowing the best way to get around a particular issue. If you want to become a good problem solver, then you need to have the right perspective.

Now, what is the right perspective when it comes to problem solving? The right perspective entails having the ability to look at a problem beyond what it appears to be. It means moving beyond simplistic thinking. Applying critical thinking is one of the most effective ways of overcoming any problem or issue.

Critical thinking can be utilized in any situation. It can be a major problem at work. It can be a small but recurring productivity issue within a team. It can be a technical error. It can even be a personal issue. No matter what the situation is or how complex the issue is, it can be resolved by putting critical thinking to action.

Solving a problem effectively can only be possible if the real cause is determined. Looking at an issue in a simplistic way does not prove to be the best method. This is because a lot of other factors are overlooked. It’s like reading a book or a newspaper where you only read what’s on the cover or the headline. Critical thinking is way better than that. With critical thinking, you leave no stone unturned. You consider all the possible options. You bring all the small details into the light so you can be certain of what you need to do to solve the problem.

To be a good problem solver, you need to be inquisitive. How will you come up with a good resolution if you don’t know the right questions to ask? Critical thinking also entails investigation. Begin with the mindset that anything could be the root cause. Forget your biases and keep an open mind. After all, this is exactly why it’s called critical thinking. You need to be able to look past your preconceived notions and to question everything about the situation. Many people are just so married to their own beliefs that they’re not willing to consider other possibilities. This is not critical thinking. It doesn’t matter if you are smart. If you’re not able to look at something from perspectives that are different from your own, then you will definitely have a hard time finding a solution that works.

What problems are current present in your life? Maybe it’s a concern in the office. Maybe it’s a personal issue that you have. Do your best to think critically and approach the problem with an inquisitive mind. It could do wonders for you. If you’re looking for more tips, please read this previous article about listing down your weakness and learn how to answer this job interviews question.


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